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Welcome to Tropical PCB Design Services !!

Tropical PCB provide industry leading EDA design software from Zuken, including CADSTAR, CR-5000 and VISULA to offering complete turnkey design services and support.

Tropical PCB Design Profile
We are your one-stop shop for all of your electronic design needs. Tropical provides industry leading EDA design software from Zuken, including CADSTAR and CR-5000, as well as complete turnkey design services and support.

Incorporated in 1998, Tropical PCB Design Services has grown into an international organization with personnel
in 4 countries and 7 states.

In addition to providing design services worldwide, Tropical is also proud to offer CADSTAR sales and off maintenance legacy version support efforts in 28 countries and 7 time zones. 

Tropical attributes its success to the continuous application of the policy:

"100% Customer Satisfaction; No Exceptions, No Excuses".

Zuken Special Promotion:  Try it FREE for 30 days !!

Click the link below for more information :

 Get CADSTAR free for 30 days

Are you constrained by your PCB design software?

Try CADSTAR free for 30 days

Free yourself from the constraints of your PCB design software.

Your current design tool was once all you needed. But is that still true today, or are you increasingly frustrated by the constraints of your design tool?

  • Are your software updates keeping up with your needs?
  • Do you get the LOCAL support you need, when you need it?
  • Is your software stable and able to cope with your advancing design requirements, or are crashes more frequent as you push the limits?
  • Is it harder to meet your deadlines?
  • When was the last time you achieved right-the-first-time design?
    Increasingly complex products require more cross-departmental interoperability to minimize rework – are you a design hero?

Don't let your design tool get in the way of your designs!

Benefit from leading PCB design technologies available within CADSTAR that will enhance your design process and make you more productive. Plus our local North American support means you get the assistance you need, when you need it. Get back to designing PCBs where the only constraints you face are those you set upfront as your design rules.

Enjoy a full version of CADSTAR Extreme, plus all technology add-ons, free for 30 days and we guarantee you won't feel constrained by your design tool again.

Get CADSTAR free for 30 days*

Discover CADSTAR >>

Further Information

  Brochure: CADSTAR Overview (PDF)

  Migration White Paper: Move on up - Shelving the barriers to PCB design migration (PDF)

  Technology Leaders - Overview of CADSTAR and bundle information

  Contact us at our Main Office - 561-784-9536

* Promotion only valid in North America until September 30th, 2012.

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Contact our Headquarters: 561-784-9536

Established in 1976, Zuken has evolved into a provider of solutions that maximize the efficiency of the design and manufacturing processes of electronics companies around the world.
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CADSTAR is a solution for PCB design that spans schematic capture, placement, routing, library creation and management, signal integrity, EMC analysis, and production of manufacturing data. CADSTAR also features internet-accessible libraries of over 230,000 components, a 3D design tool, automatic and high-speed routing, variant management, and signal integrity management and verification.

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